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A Brief Q&A on Arkansas Adoption

Adoptive families play an important part in a child’s life by giving them a secure, loving, and permanent home. In Arkansas, a large number of children in state care are currently waiting for a new family to call their own.

Here are answers to commonly asked questions about adopting in Arkansas.

1. Who can adopt a child in Arkansas? 

Any adult who is able to provide a safe and loving home is eligible to adopt. There must be an age difference of no more than 45 years between the parent and child. The parent must be at least 21 years old. There is no discrimination on the basis of race, marital/civil union status, or sexual preference. Adoptive parents do not need to be homeowners, but they must be able to provide individual beds for each child and separate rooms for boys and girls.

2. What are the official requirements? 

All eligible adoptive parents must become approved prior to welcoming a child into their home. The approval process, which may take six to nine months to complete, requires the parent to attend a series of adoption classes (called PRIDE—Parent Resources for Information, Development and Education). Other state requirements include:

  • Participation in a home study
  • Thorough criminal background checks
  • A check to confirm that the home does not have a history of abuse or neglect
  • Positive references
  • Medical evidence that everyone in the family is in good health
3. How long does the process take?

Once a parent has been approved, the time period from application to adoption will mostly depend on how soon a child of their preferred adoption age is available. After a child has been placed, it generally takes about a year for the adoption to be finalized.

4. Are there adoption fees in Arkansas? 

There are no fees associated with adopting a child who is in state care. Private adoptions and adoption agencies will likely involve fees.

5. Is there any post-adoption support? 

There are many support services available to adoptive parents for up to a year after the adoption has been finalized. They include access to support groups, family counseling, and other assistive programs.

6. What is a “legal risk adoption placement”?

A legal risk adoption placement enables children to be placed in pre-adoptive homes before the rights of their parents have been terminated. They are technically not free for adoption until the court officially terminates all parental rights, which creates uncertainty for the prospective family.

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