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The Length Of An Arkansas Divorce

One of the most valuable aspects of this question is not the answer. Only an attorney who understands you and the circumstances regarding your divorce can give you an idea of how long it will take. This is because there are too many variables involved during the process. Many of which may be outside of your control.  This question is important because you must understand the factors that go into a divorce to arrive Read More

Navigate Adoption Hurdles With Confidence

When people think of adoption, they usually see it as the parents who want a child. The biological parents are a significant piece of the process. Each step along the way presents its own challenges and complications. And there are more variables than you have likely considered.  By looking at adoption through a wider lens now, you will have an idea of what lies ahead. A qualified family law attorney who has worked Read More

Does Guardianship & Custody Mean The Same Thing In Arkansas?

By choosing to be a guardian for a minor, you are trying to care for another person. Please note that you are not trying to gain custody, which has a different meaning. Custody is something that gets discussed at length in family law: Legal custody Physical custody   When two parents end their marriage, legal and physical custody must be determined—either by the parents or by the court. Legal custody centers on Read More

How To Manage Summertime Visitation Schedules

During the school year, it is easy to get into a rhythm with an agreed-upon visitation schedule with your former spouse. If your child attends school from Monday through Friday, your options are somewhat limited to the weekends.  If you don’t live near your former spouse, or one of you is traveling or working a lot, a 70/30 schedule is a common solution. The child gets a little more consistency because he or she is Read More

Can An Uncontested Divorce Make Your Life Easier?

In Arkansas, to get a divorce, you have to demonstrate that you have a legal cause for a divorce. I.e., you will have to prove that someone was at fault. The only way to file for a “no-fault” divorce is for you and your spouse to live separately for 18 months.  If your spouse disagrees in regards to why he or she is at fault, then the divorce is contested. Otherwise, it is uncontested. Some other important Read More

How To Protect Your Kids During Divorce

While you are in the middle of a divorce, you are going to be experiencing a whole host of conflicting feelings. In terms of how you feel towards your spouse, you can go from sad to angry to lonely. But when it comes to your children, you need to protect them from the wide range of complex emotions you are experiencing.  In essence, you are expected to be at your best with your children when you are at your lowest. Read More

Tips For Managing Stress During A Divorce

A divorce is a life-altering event, and with it comes a respectable amount of stress. Some of it is derived from all the uncertainty you are facing. There were times during your marriage when you imagined your future. You likely had a five-year plan that you created with your spouse, and you probably owned a home and had children.  Now that you are getting divorced, the portrait of your life and your impending future Read More

How is Income Defined for Purposes of Child Support?

When going through a divorce or custody hearing, it will be necessary to determine who (if anyone) will be awarded child support, and how much. There are a number of factors that go into calculating how much child support is awarded, but the biggest thing is going to be the income of each party. Understanding how income is defined for establishing child support will help you to know how much you will have to pay, or Read More

OMG Law Firm’s New Partner, Haley D. Smith

Owens, Mixon, Heller & Smith P.A. is pleased to announce that Haley D. Smithhas become a Partner with the firm. Owens, Mixon & Heller, P.A. will henceforth be known as Owens, Mixon, Heller & Smith, P.A. d/b/a The OMG Law Firm. Haley has been an attorney with OMG Law Firm since December 2017. She practices primarily family law with an emphasis in divorce, child custody, guardianships and adoptions. Haley Read More

How is Child Support Calculated in Arkansas?

When Arkansas parents separate or divorce, a child support order ensures that the children continue to receive the financial support they need to meet their personal needs and benefit from opportunities that would have been available to them had their parents stayed together. Although an essential arrangement, child support is an aspect of divorce that raises the most issues. Which parent pays and how much? And above Read More