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What are Probate Lawyers and What Do They Do?


Probate lawyers take care of the last testament or will of a deceased individual. When someone dies, their assets and debts must be tended to (even if there is no will), and probate lawyers know how to manage this process fairly. The OMG Law Firm in Jonesboro is proud to help Arkansas families plan for the future and achieve peace of mind when a loved one passes away.

Probate lawyers have a wide range of expertise. They can help in many areas, including the following:

  1. Creating a last will and testament. Doing so will give your family security and make everything easier for them after you pass.
  2. Protecting assets as well as preparing and filing all the paperwork that the probate court needs.

It is important to know that you are not required by law to have a lawyer write your will or handle your estate. You can do this on your own. However, handling the situation on your own can cause problems. Failure to execute the estate correctly can end in personal liability lawsuits. Additionally, wills are often challenged, and you will want a good lawyer who can handle the case.

Contact the OMG Law Firm for expert guidance with probates, will writing, and more. We have the help of Aaron Heller, the current Chairman of the Elder Law section for the Arkansas Bar Association. His extensive experience and knowledge are what you need. We are committed to providing the excellent probate services that will bring closure and peace.

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