There is risk in any business venture, but risk can be minimized with smart planning. The attorneys at Owens, Mixon & Heller have been helping Arkansas businesses plan ahead for decades. We can also held defend businesses from frivolous lawsuits or assist businesses in drafting or enforcing contracts. Contact us if you have any questions about:

  • Business Disputes
  • Business Planning
  • Corporations, Partnerships, LLCs
  • Contract Law
  • Construction Law

Business Formation: Incorporation and LLCs

The first step in protecting any business is to organize that business under Arkansas law. This step protects the business owners and investors from personal liability from the operation of the business. It is hard to overstate the importance of protecting your family from risks to your business. Something as random and unfortunate as a car accident can put your home at risk, but forming a corporation or LLC separates those aspects of your life and ensures your personal assets are better protected. OMG can help you incorporate or form an LLC and assist you in drafting your business’s bylaws or operating agreement.


Contracts are supposed to bring clarity and peace of mind to business, but a bad contract can do more harm than good. Whether it’s a loan, a sale agreement, or a non-compete agreement, we can discuss any venture or transaction with you and tailor a contract to your needs.

If you already have a contract and feel like your agreement has been breached, we can help you enforce your existing contract.


Lawsuits are stressful and are far from ideal, but you need fast, affordable, aggressive representation to protect your business. Whether collecting unpaid accounts, recovering your property, or defending your business from a frivolous lawsuit, our experienced attorneys can advise you on any issues affecting the operation of your business. We are always prepared to take swift, aggressive action to protect the rights of your business.

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