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5 Factors Arkansas Courts Consider When Determining Alimony Payments

Alimony, also called “spousal maintenance” or “spousal support,” is the court-ordered provision that one spouse must pay the other after a divorce. In Arkansas, the amount of alimony awarded, and for how long, depends on one party’s need and the other party’s capacity to pay. The judge will also take some other factors into consideration when awarding alimony. In this blog post, we’ll be examining 5 of those Read More

Arkansas Probate, Intestate Succession, and Wills

Each and every state has a set of laws that control the transfer of a person’s property after he or she dies. Probate is the judicial proceedings which must typically take place in order to ensure that a person’s debts are paid and his or her heirs take legal title to whatever property is left over. Most of us are at least vaguely familiar with the concept of a Will. A Will enables a person to direct how his or her Read More

Changing Your Legal Name in Arkansas (After Divorce)

Legally changing your name is a big deal that will impact your life in a variety of ways. If you are going through a divorce, you may want to change your last name back to your maiden name as a part of this process. In Arkansas, it is possible to change your legal name for a variety of different reasons, including divorce, but it does take some work. Understanding your options and choosing the best path forward will Read More

Determining “Best Interests” In Arkansas

When someone is going through a contested divorce and child custody is one of the areas under dispute, you’ll want to know how it gets decided. Regardless of the specifics of your case, you will likely be told that custody—along with other things—will be based on whatever is in the child’s best interest. Custody disputes can be a stressful and emotional time for children and parents alike. To give you a better Read More

4 Phases of Healing After A Divorce

In some ways, the divorce process itself may be easier than the time it takes to heal and grow from it after it is all over. While you are negotiating, planning, and being advised by your attorney, things may be more objective.  The progress you make alongside your attorney is easier to see and comprehend. There are steps, papers to sign, mediations to attend, etc. But before that, when you first realize that your Read More

How To Get An Order Of Protection

An order of protection is court-issued. They can be granted without the involvement of an attorney, although self representation is rarely a good idea.   Victims of assault, domestic violence, and stalking may file for orders of protection against another person.  If granted ex parte, the person against whom it is issued may not have any contact whatsoever prior to a hearing. A General Overview Should Read More

The Length Of An Arkansas Divorce

One of the most valuable aspects of this question is not the answer. Only an attorney who understands you and the circumstances regarding your divorce can give you an idea of how long it will take. This is because there are too many variables involved during the process. Many of which may be outside of your control.  This question is important because you must understand the factors that go into a divorce to arrive Read More

Navigate Adoption Hurdles With Confidence

When people think of adoption, they usually see it as the parents who want a child. The biological parents are a significant piece of the process. Each step along the way presents its own challenges and complications. And there are more variables than you have likely considered.  By looking at adoption through a wider lens now, you will have an idea of what lies ahead. A qualified family law attorney who has worked Read More

Does Guardianship & Custody Mean The Same Thing In Arkansas?

By choosing to be a guardian for a minor, you are trying to care for another person. Please note that you are not trying to gain custody, which has a different meaning. Custody is something that gets discussed at length in family law: Legal custody Physical custody   When two parents end their marriage, legal and physical custody must be determined—either by the parents or by the court. Legal custody centers on Read More

How To Manage Summertime Visitation Schedules

During the school year, it is easy to get into a rhythm with an agreed-upon visitation schedule with your former spouse. If your child attends school from Monday through Friday, your options are somewhat limited to the weekends.  If you don’t live near your former spouse, or one of you is traveling or working a lot, a 70/30 schedule is a common solution. The child gets a little more consistency because he or she is Read More