1. Life Estates in Estate Planning

    Life Estates in Estate Planning. Did you know that there is a way to transfer your home to your kids now, but hold on to your right to live in your house until you pass away? A Life Estate is an expre…Read More

  2. Arkansas Custody Basics

    Arkansas Custody Basics Arkansas law is clear that an award of child custody is determined by the best interest of the child. Whether it is an initial custody determination or a change of custody, cas…Read More

  3. The Importance of Powers of Attorney

    Powers of Attorney: Inexpensive and Important Powers of Attorney are, perhaps, the most inexpensive yet vital legal document you can have drawn up during your lifetime. With this one easy step, you ca…Read More

  4. New Ruling Impacts Out-of-State Creditors

      New Ruling Impacts Out-of-State Creditors               On September 11, 2014, the Arkansas Supreme Court ruled that out-of-state collection agencies were required to become licensed in Ark…Read More

  5. Where there is a Will . . .

    Where there is a Will . . . Nobody likes to dwell on the morbid, but despite what Bob Dylan or Alphaville sing, we won’t stay forever young; and when we die, the courts will have to get involved in …Read More

  6. Can you trust your Trust?

    Can you trust your Trust? Recently, the Arkansas Supreme Court delivered an opinion which may change how you set up your wills and trusts. In re Estate of Thompson, published on May 22, 2014, holds th…Read More