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Child Custody Attorneys

When a divorce is inevitable, or it’s already in the works, the children that have resulted from the marriage need to be the top priority for both partners and the family lawyer on the case. Nothing can make emotions rise faster than child custody and child support issues. What you need in these situations is a calm, cool head to make sure that your rights, and the rights of the children, are being protected. A child custody attorney from OMG Law Firm can be that supportive person who knows the legal system inside and out and can do what needs to be done to secure the best situation for your children. The attorneys of OMG Law Firm have over 60 years of legal experience in Northeast Arkansas and are proud to offer personal service and dedication to our clients that set us apart from other firms.

The issues of child custody often overlap with many other issues. There can be issues with child support, the division of assets, and criminal issues that all play into these issues. There are times when these issues belong in the discussion and other times when they absolutely do not. It takes a skilled and experienced child custody lawyer to sort out these issues. When you work with an attorney from the Owens, Mixon, Heller & Smith, P.A. Law Firm, you will have counsel who can sort these issues out and put the best argument forward to the court for custody arrangement for your children. If the parents are unable to agree upon custody of the minor children, the judge will consider what is in the children’s “best interests” and will usually award sole custody to one parent. However, if the parents are in agreement, the judge may award joint custody, shared custody, or divided custody.

A child custody lawyer’s job is to advise, inform, and to act. We can answer your questions, help you decide on strategic moves, and of course, handle all legal filings and court room procedures.

Some of the question about custody arrangements you may have included:

  • What are the different kinds of custody?
  • Which custody arrangement is best for my children?
  • Once decided, can I change the custody order?
  • Do I have to abide by the custody order under all circumstances?
  • How can I change the custody order?
  • What factors does the judge take into consideration when deciding custody?
  • Does a judge consider moral fitness and emotional stability in deciding custody?
  • Does the emotional relationship the children have with both parents play into the decision?
  • Does my child have any say in the custody decision?
  • If the child support is late, can I not send my children for visitation?

When you are dealing with the custody of your children, the stakes can be high, and the result of the legal action can have long-term effects on you and your children. The legal system can be complicated, and representing yourself is done so with risks. It is far better to have an experienced child custody lawyer on your side to represent the rights of the children and to fight for their best interests. Call today to secure the services of the child custody lawyers that Northeast Arkansas relies upon.