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Civil Eviction

Landlord rights are well protected under Arkansas law. But that doesn’t stop tenants from breaking leases. Whether a tenant has unpaid rent or has been ignoring promises made in your contract, the attorneys at Owens, Mixon, Heller & Smith, P.A. can assist you in removing that renter.

Unlawful Detainer – Notice to Quit

Arkansas landlords have a lot of rights, but you cannot just change the locks or turn off the utilities. If a renter has unpaid rent, the legal process is fairly quick. If the tenant has paid their rent on time but is violating another promise in the contract, the process takes a little bit longer.

A notice to quit, giving the tenant time to vacate the premises, is served on the person. For unpaid rent, the tenant has three (3) days to leave. For other violations, the tenant has at least fourteen (14) days to leave, but sometimes more depending on the lease agreement. If the tenant has not left after that time period, we file a lawsuit to obtain a court order to take possession of your property. If the tenant doesn’t fight the eviction within five (5) days, the court will put you back in possession of your property. If rent is still owed, we can pursue the tenant for a judgment for unpaid rent.

Every day that you have a renter who isn’t paying rent, you are losing more money. Our firm can move aggressively to legally retake control of your property. It can’t be done instantly, but we can help make it happen quickly. Contact Lance Owens at Owens, Mixon, Heller & Smith, P.A. at 1-870-336-6505 if you need help evicting a tenant.