Jonesboro, AR
As a military father I am always moving and traveling due to the Army’s demands. Due to this my visitation rights were becoming non existent. I started doing research on trying to find someone within Arkansas that seemed truly capable of handling my situation especially with me living in Washington state. While searching I realized that for some reason this outstanding law firm was hidden lower on the list while it has the highest average review rating and with the most left reviews in the entire state! After reading through over 100 consistent and positive reviews my mind was easily made up on who I had to have assist me with my situation. From the very first interaction and up to the very final you feel welcomed, wanted, and important. Mr. Owens and Mrs. Winemiller are very direct, honest, and understanding. Those three qualities alone made what was a stressful mess turn into an understandable and easily guided path to an all around better future for me and my family. Within a very reasonable and surprising time frame Mr. Owens and Mrs. Winemiller not only were able to help me get visitation for my child, but a final outcome of 50/50 custody of my child! Due to there diligence the experience was an educating one for me as well. They consistently kept me updated, informed, and comfortable with the entire case. Mr. Owens and his entire team all work together effortlessly together and seem truly capable to handle any and all legal needs. Thanks to Mr. Owens and Mrs. Winemiller I am a father getting to finally make up for lost time with my child and consistently make memories that every parent in my prior situation hopes and prays for. If I ever need any other legal help or guidance there will be zero hesitation on returning to this team. If your looking for help that is and stays genuine, consistent, and meaningful then don’t hesitate to give this team a chance. They will not let you down! Thank you Mr. Owens and Mrs. Winemiller for everything.