Walnut Ridge, AR
Changed My Life The problem I had before coming to OMG Law Firm was my ex-wife drained my bank account, tried to keep me from seeing my kids. When I tried to reconcile with her she would not see me or talk to me and had her dad meet me outside of my own home and assaulted me. I chose OMG Law Firm because after reading all the reviews they seemed like they could handle difficult cases and get me to where I could see my children. They were not at the top of the google search but the clients that did leave reviews helped me make my decision to choose them. OMG Law Firm did a lot for me in terms of my divorce case. My ex-wife was bound and determined to try to keep me from my children and would make up false allegations to DHS as well as the school where my children go to. OMG Law Firm helped me with a divorce case, fought an order of protection, pressed charges of assault against my ex-wife's dad, and battled DHS with these false acquisitions. Currently, they are helping me with a custody hearing. With OMG's help, I was able to win my case against the order of protection by leveraging the assault charges against my ex's father-in-law, I went from not seeing my children to seeing them every two weeks with overnight visitation, and I won my case against DHS. OMG has changed my life in that I have a hopeful and more positive view of seeing my children more. Lance and his team, in particular, have helped me with many hardships through this case. The one thing I recommend is to follow their advice and coaching. There were many times that the advice I got from OMG was going against my very nature because my feelings were pulling me in a different direction, but I stuck with the advice Lance gave me and followed it and it has given me a better outcome in my cases.