Jonesboro, AR
Choosing the right attorney in a custody case is the most critical decision you will make. Fortunately, my family chose Lance Owens to represent us in a very difficult set of circumstances. There are no higher stakes than the threat of losing custody of your grandson and having him permanently removed from your home. On very short notice, Lance was masterful in putting together the documents and information to protect my daughter's custody. Lance is an intelligent and skilled attorney and his courtroom performance was impressive. My daughter retained custody and my grandson remains in my home. There is no doubt we made the right choice of attorney and will be forever grateful to Lance. Update in Grandson's Custody case: Lance Owens has represented our family in a custody case involving my grandson since July, 2020. Against all odds, we prevailed at the initial hearing and granted primary custody until a final hearing. The favorable outcome was achieved thanks to Lance’s thorough preparation and courtroom performance. A final hearing has been extended due to various factors, including the covid pandemic. The waiting has been excruciating and stressful for my family, especially my grandson. Finally, in November, 2021, a mediation was scheduled. Due to the animosity between the two families, there was little hope a resolution would be achieved. However, Lance guided us through the mediation process and provided assistance in our interactions with the mediator. Miraculously, an agreement was reached allowing primary custody of my grandson to our family. A final hearing will not be necessary. The relief provided to our family is immeasurable. There is no doubt the favorable results would not have been possible without the superb representation provided by Lance Owens and his awesome staff. Our family will be forever thankful and truly believe we could not have found a better attorney to represent us.