1. Skilled & Dedicated

    Rarely does a web site understate but in this case they are not blowing there horn nearly loud enough. My attorney Lance Owens and the staff at OMG worked tirelessly and aggressively on my case and even if the out come had not been favorable I would have felt i was represented extremely well. However Mr Owens accomplished something very difficult anywhere but in Arkansas nearly impossible.The instances of a guardianship of six children ages 2 trough 13 being granted to a 60 year old single man of modest means must be in the single digits. This was not just an instance of dedicated legal representation but an act of true compassion by a dedicated advocate and his team may GOD Bless them and keep them.

    Richard Dorris
  2. Lance Owens

    I used Mr. Owens to help me with a family law matter. He always responded to me quickly and all of his advice helped me to have a good result in court. He stayed at the office late the night before court to deal with last minute evidence I had given him. He truly cares for his clients and will do whatever it takes to give you the best chance to win. At the trial he did a great job for me! He was very aggressive and destroyed the opposing side’s credibility with excellent cross examination. I would recommend him and OMG to anyone going through a custody issue! !

  3. The Best Family Law Attorney

    Finding Attorney Owens was a blessing. He made my son and I a family ruled in the father(me) favor. Attorney Owens heart and soul was also involed in my case so it felt real good to know. Whenever someone is in need of family law i will certainly send to OMG.

    Reginald Sr.
  4. Wonderful

    I used Lance for a divorce. I believe he was God’s instrument to free me and protect me from evil. He was a good, moral and supportive defender of me. I believe God put him in my life for a reason. I can’t imagine anyone could be a better or more responsive family law attorney in Jonesboro. You will be blessed if you use him. I highly recommend him and OMG for any family law matter.

  5. A Lawyer with a Heart!

    I went to see Lance because my wife and I have children with special needs and we needed to make sure that everything was in order in case we met with an untimely tragedy or death. Lance was able to sit down and listen to our needs and provide us with professional legal counsel that has prepared our family for the future. We also found out that Lance is a great proponent for adoption, and when we get to adopt, we will be seeking him to be our lawyer. I cannot say enough good things about Lance, his integrity and his professionalism. He is trustworthy, knows the law and can guide you through all of its twists and turns! Thanks Lance!

  6. Amazing Lawyer

    I used Lance and OMG for a family law matter. He helped me every step of the way. He was always responsive to my questions and gave great legal advice. I am so grateful that I used Lance and I can’t thank him enough for his time and effort on my behalf. I am going to recommend Lance and OMG to everyone that needs legal help. Thanks again for helping me through a difficult situation.

  7. Highly Recommend!!!

    I used Mr. Owens to help me with a family law matter. He is a great lawyer who really cares for his clients. He encouraged me and helped me stay strong to achieve the result that was best for me! He stayed in constant contact and communicated with me very well. I highly recommend Lance and OMG Law Firm to anyone that has a legal matter!

  8. Above and Beyond

    OMG Lawfirm has represented me for years now and done a great job. Clarke Mixon is an excellent lawyer.

    Recently his partner, Lance Owens, had to handle an emergency matter for me due to a scheduling conflict. He had to learn the whole case in 3 days and went above and beyond the call of duty by meeting us on the weekends and after hours to make sure that the case was ready. He showed up in a foreign venue and did a superb job in getting the emergency order vacated and transferred to the proper venue. Lance also stayed around to make sure that the transfer was orderly after the legal work was done.

    Owens Mixon and Gramling takes care of its clients. Anyone with a family law matter would be well advised to let Lance or Clarke handle their matter. I can’t imagine why anyone with a family law matter would hire anyone else. Thanks again for your excellent work!

  9. Excellent Lawyer

    I used Mr. Owens to help me with a family law matter. He always responded to me quickly and all of his good advice helped me to have a great result ! He really cares for his clients and was very kind and compassionate towards me. I would recommend OMG and especially Lance to anyone that has a family law matter!

  10. Excellent

    I used Lance for a family law matter. He did a great job of helping me every step of the way. He did great legal work and gave great advice.

    Lance truly cares for his clients and anyone with a family law matter would be blessed to have him as his/her lawyer.