1. OMG Law Firm

    Lance recently helped my daughter in a child custody matter. He was very well prepared when it came time for court. He has since followed up with my daughter on several occasions and given her kind words of encouragement to help her going forward. He has went above and beyond his normal duties to ensure our experience was as good as it could be. I would most definitely recommend him and his firm to anyone going through similar matters. Thank you sir, and may God bless you.

  2. Skilled & Dedicated

    Rarely does a web site understate but in this case they are not blowing there horn nearly loud enough. My attorney Lance Owens and the staff at OMG worked tirelessly and aggressively on my case and even if the out come had not been favorable I would have felt i was represented extremely well. However Mr Owens accomplished something very difficult anywhere but in Arkansas nearly impossible.The instances of a guardianship of six children ages 2 trough 13 being granted to a 60 year old single man of modest means must be in the single digits. This was not just an instance of dedicated legal representation but an act of true compassion by a dedicated advocate and his team may GOD Bless them and keep them.

    Richard Dorris
  3. The Best Family Law Attorney

    Finding Attorney Owens was a blessing. He made my son and I a family ruled in the father(me) favor. Attorney Owens heart and soul was also involved in my case so it felt real good to know. Whenever someone is in need of family law i will certainly send to OMG.

    Reginald Sr.
  4. Follow Up

    This is a post script to my review of September 4 2016 please read it also. It has been almost a year since Lance Owens represented me and on many occasions we have had conversations he is always there if we need him and that is welcome comfort. He has even call us just to see how we are doing. Everything I have said in both reviews are excellent reasons to retain Lance but I forgot to include the most compelling. You do not want him representing your adversary because you do not want to be cross examined by Lance Owens.

    Richard Dorris
  5. Great Settlement

    I used Lance and OMG law firm for a personal injury matter and could not be more pleased. He acted promptly, professionally and got me a great settlement. I highly recommend him and OMG for anyone that has a personal injury matter.

    Christina C.
  6. Professional and Thorough

    Extremely professional & thorough firm. Would highly recommend the firm.

    Cindy H.
  7. Above and Beyond

    Lance got a order of protection dismissed for me. He was there on the phone with me at a moments notice when I was served and proved my innocence of false accusations. He was relentless on the cross examination exposing the lies. Lance went above and beyond, even working late hours on a weekend to make sure we were prepared.

    Shawn S.
  8. Top Notch

    Top notch experience from a Top notch lawyer. Looking forward to many more years of legal representation with Mr Owens.

    Maureen K.
  9. Helped Me Tremendously

    Lance has helped me tremendously, he is very professional and caring .I would recommend his services to anyone in need of legal advice upto him working for you He has always been there for me when I needed his help he will help you no matter how small the case is bottom line is he is there to help you.

    Paul R.
  10. Quick and Professional

    On a recent visit to Jonesboro, my 96 year old Mother needed to visit an attorney to write up a new will. On a recommendation from a friend, we chose OMG and Lance Owens. Because of the short time of my visit, OMG worked us in quickly to complete the process. Lance and his office staff were highly professional and made my Mother feel extremely comfortable with the whole process. I would HIGHLY recommend him for any legal matter.