Comments from our satisfied clients

Our clients expect professionalism, knowledge, and reliable results from our team of family lawyers, and we always strive to deliver on those expectations. To find out how we have done, take a look at some reviews from our valued clients. W. Lance Owens is, by far, the most positively reviewed attorney in Northeast Arkansas.

You will not find an attorney that is more prepared for court than Lance Owens. You do not want to go up against him!!! He exposed lies within minutes due to his preparation and talent in the courtroom. He exceeded my expectations before, during, and even after going to court. It was not uncommon for him to check in on me and the situation due to the level of stress it involved. He was able to achieve what very few attorneys are able to. The outcome was very much in my favor, more so than I even thought was possible. Lance helped keep me calm through the entire process and kept me up to date on even the small things involved in my case. I can not recommend him enough- I am so very thankful for his help and dedication to my case. His work has changed my life and allowed me to slowly get back to the person I was before all this started!

Brittany K.

Lance Owens at OMG Lawfirm worked tirelessly on my case and was dominant in court. His preparation is relentless and he destroyed my wife on cross-examination. As a result of his efforts, I have equal time with my child. I had Lance take over for another lawyer and there was no comparison. I would recommend that you hire Lance if you have a custody matter that the other side won’t give you a fair deal on!

Scott M.

If you’re looking for a lawyer who’s going to fight for YOU, and do all he can to ensure he you get the most just and fair outcome then Mr. Owens is the right gentlemen for the job. I lived 8 hours away from Mr. Owens office, and he took my calls even after hours to help build our case. Met with me the day before the case and spent near all day with me preparing me and getting ready for the child custody battle we were about to embark on. But Mr. Owens does JUST as well in the courtroom as he does outside. He did an OUTSTANDING job during court and even with a lot of awful things that I was being accused of, he managed to get the truth to show and put claims and accusations of who I was to rest. He’s smart, clever, and a darn good attorney and if I could rate him more I would. I have already decided that any legal matters in the future regarding my child, if any, then I will again choose Mr. Owens. I am forever grateful for how hard he worked on my case. He got me everything I asked for and plus more in regards to my child’s case, and I couldn’t be happier with the service and outcome.

Alex J.

After the loss of my child and my home catching fire my mother inlaw decided to try and take my kids. The past two months have been very hard on me and my family and then we had this to deal with while doing my finales for school. Lance Owens the most amazing man and lawyer accept me and my pain the moment I walked in his office. while gathering everything for court his whole office treated my children and myself as family. I won my case and even after winning my case he didn’t stop there he checked on me and the kids daily making sure we were ok. This case was a very emotional case that effected everyone even this law firm. OMG law firm is apart of my family now and if it wasn’t for them I would have lost the very last piece of my world. Lance Owens saved my family.


Lance is just wonderful. If I could give him more than 5 stars, I would. When my daughter was put in the hospital in January, some troublesome custody issues arose and he fought hard and won. Now that another problem presented itself, I am thankful to have him by my side. He’s a fighter. He’s tough but still understanding. He will do whatever it takes to make things right. Lance is downright amazing and I would never want anyone else in my defense.


In one word if I have to explain about Lance Owens I can say he is a fighter, who will never give up for any case he takes. he takes his client case as a personal case. On the other side, he is a very honest man. He will never give you a fake hope . I was his client one time and he did his best for me. I will recommend him to all my friend an family.


I came to see Lance on a paternity matter. Lance gave me great advice from day one. He helped me stick up for myself and make tough decisions. He met with me at night and on weekends to prepare. He dominated two contested hearings. On the final day of trial, he was tenacious. He helped me get sole custody, which was the most important thing to me. If you want sole custody, you should hire Lance Owens. He is a relentless advocate and talented in court. You will be glad you did!



I was under the impression that things couldn’t get better for my custody with my daughter. Mr. Owens proved me wrong. He went above and beyond for me. Not only did we win my case, he got me everything I was asking for in the custody case. If anyone is thinking that it is hopeless give Lance a shot. I promise he will change your mind. Lance will always be who I recommend and use from this point forward!


Genuinely a caring lawyer

Never thought I would find a lawyer who I thought actually cared about me and not just my money. Lance was a very easy to work with and surprisingly available whenever I needed him. If you want someone on your side that not only is your lawyer but it’s out there fighting for you and does an amazing job to boot… Lance is your guy.



I used Lance for a family matter and could not be more pleased. I came to him because he is known to be one of the best, if not the best, family lawyers in Northeast Arkansas. His representation exceeded my expectations. His care and concern for those in need stood out to me. He has been willing to even help me at no charge after the divorce was concluded and the balance of my retainer had been refunded.

I would highly recommend him to anyone that has a family law matter!


Mr. Owens is currently representing me in an extremely complicated and challenging divorce. He is not afraid to stand up against a family that thought they could use their power and job status to intimidate us. He has worked and continues to work tirelessly to do whatever it will take to protect my child and give us the life we deserve. He made sure I was more than prepared at the initial hearing, has checked up on me throughout this process, and more importantly, given me peace of mind in a time I needed it most. His knowledge and tenacity are unmatched in the courtroom. I can truly tell he cares about his clients and would recommend him infinite times over for any matter needing legal representation.


I came to see Lance for help with a divorce. He was willing to meet with me after normal business hours to accommodate my schedule and make sure I was prepared for court. Lance came highly recommended and lived up to my high expectations. He works hard, he is honest and his character is beyond reproach. If you have a custody matter, you are in great hands with Lance!


Lance handled my adopted daughter’s case 18 years ago. There had been some complications in the beginning with the adoption and Lance represented the birth mother. He fought for her to make sure her wishes were met and as a result, we were able to receive a beautiful little girl that has lightened our lives these past 18 years. Now, my daughter has been interested in finding her birth family and Lance was so gracious in facilitating that event. With his kindness and help, my daughter has found that which was missing. From the bottom of our hearts, thank You!


Lance did a great job of helping me with a family law matter. He was prompt and courteous and provided great advice and I got the result I wanted. I came to see him when times were bleak and he helped me turn things around. I highly recommend him for any family law matter.


I hired Lance to help me with a child support matter. Lance was amazing and compassionate. He was able to collect 7 years of child support!  If I had worries during my case, I would call him and he would take care of it. He is honest and trustworthy. Lance is absolutely the best lawyer in northeast Arkansas! I would highly recommend him for any legal matter. May God bless him for helping me and my family!


Lance Owens and his entire staff were compassionate and extremely competent from the beginning to the end of the process. My situation was a pure shock, so I had no clue about what to do or how to do it. They were patient and kind, while also being incredibly thorough.


We hired Lance after our grandchildren were ripped away from my daughter. Lance and his staff were amazing from start to finish. Because I was a potential witness, I did not get to see first hand his actions in court. However, my daughter and sons did…he was absolutely amazing. He came highly recommended and was better than advertised. We left the court as a reunited family thanks to Lance. May God continue to bless you for helping our family”


I am so grateful to Lance Owens for all of his hard work and dedication on our family law matter. He went above and beyond for us, meeting us on weekends, working into the night on our case to make sure everything was prepared, he gave us excellent advice on things to have prepared for court. In court, he is even better. You definitely want him on your side in the courtroom, he missed no details in his cross-examination and was truly incredible. His staff, Phyllis and Tami, and also his wife Lisa worked tirelessly to make sure we were updated and to get anything else we needed. They were always quick to respond and they are just an exceptional group of people to work together with. Thank you all so much!!!


Lance recently helped my daughter in a child custody matter. He was very well prepared when it came time for court. He has since followed up with my daughter on several occasions and given her kind words of encouragement to help her going forward. He has went above and beyond his normal duties to ensure our experience was as good as it could be. I would most definitely recommend him and his firm to anyone going through similar matters. Thank you sir, and may God bless you.


Lance and his team handled a messy vehicle accident case for my family. Lance and the whole team was extremely helpful and quickly answered our questions and concerns. They got the case resolved and all of the bills paid with room to spare. I would definitely recommend that if anyone has a case they need resolved to call OMG!


Lance and his staff helped my husband and I with a family matter. His advise and guidance helped us help our family member. He answers emails promptly and his staff is a great reflection of the kind of man and attorney he is. I highly recommend Lance and his firm to anyone in need. They are courteous and Lance gets the job done. His character or a man is a fine example and a huge asset to our community. I can’t thank him/them enough for all the help they provided us.


Lance Owens was hands down the best attorney for the job and had an answer for every question I had if your looking for the best attorney around give lance Owens a call you will not be disappointed.


Lance did a great job of helping me with a contested construction case. He does a great job with litigation and was there for me in a time of need. Thanks Lance for helping my family get the justice we deserved!


He looked at my child support case and determined if I was paying to much when I walked into the office my wait time was very fast and he got right on my case with no questions asked I recommend lance owns to anyone who has child support problem.


Lance helped my son with a custody matter. He did a great job of representing him and got an awesome outcome for him. Lance stayed late and did everything necessary to achieve the best result for him. I could not be more pleased. Lance “ROCKS” and I believe he would be the best choice for anyone in Northeast Arkansas that has a family law matter.


I contacted Lance with Owens Mixon and Gramling about a divorce and then a false order of protection. I was concerned that my wife would leave the state with my child. He was able to stop her from moving. He met with me over the weekend to defeat the order of protection. I know he is in high demand but he made me feel like his most important client. I can’t thank you enough Lance for all of your hard work in getting me the settlement that I wanted. I highly recommend Lance and OMG law firm for any family law matter.


We used Lance for a contested adoption matter and he executed a flawless plan to get it done. Lance responded to every anxious moment that we had. His concern was evident every step of the way. We were blessed to have him as our lawyer and if you use him you will be too! Thanks Lance for our forever family!


Lance helped us with a family law matter. He was highly recommended by another attorney and lived up to that recommendation. He did a great job of guiding me through a difficult, long process and he was able to get a great resolution for me. He timely responded to all of my requests and was available on nights and weekends to save me from having to make a long trip to court. Lance truly cares for his clients and I wholeheartedly recommend him and his staff at OMG for any family law matter.


My brother-in-law was in need of a lawyer to assist him in adopting his stepson, and Lance and his team at OMG came highly recommended. His professionalism, fast responses, and courtesy to our family exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend Lance and his team to anyone seeking legal advice. Thank you again for helping my family through this important transition in our lives!


On a recent visit to Jonesboro, my 96 year old Mother needed to visit an attorney to write up a new will. On a recommendation from a friend, we chose OMG and Lance Owens. Because of the short time of my visit, OMG worked us in quickly to complete the process. Lance and his office staff were highly professional and made my Mother feel extremely comfortable with the whole process. I would HIGHLY recommend him for any legal matter.


Lance got a order of protection dismissed for me. He was there on the phone with me at a moments notice when I was served and proved my innocence of false accusations. He was relentless on the cross examination exposing the lies. Lance went above and beyond, even working late hours on a weekend to make sure we were prepared.


I highly recommend Lance and OMG law firm. I used Lance for a family law matter. He diligently worked with my family’s schedule to be able to meet with us and went out of his way to make sure that everything was handled promptly. Thanks Lance for taking such good care of my family!


I used Lance and OMG law firm for a personal injury matter and could not be more pleased. He acted promptly, professionally and got me a great settlement. I highly recommend him and OMG for anyone that has a personal injury matter.


I am very thankful for Lance Owens and the OMG Law Firm. For the last few years I have been dreading doing a will. Mr. Owens was highly recommended by my former lawyer who had retired so I made an appointment. Mr. Owens was very professional. He answered every question I had and the will was ready to be signed in a timely manner. I will recommend him and the OMG Law Firm to my friends and family.


I used Lance and OMG for a family law matter. He helped me every step of the way. He was always responsive to my questions and gave great legal advice. I am so grateful that I used Lance and I can’t thank him enough for his time and effort on my behalf. I am going to recommend Lance and OMG to everyone that needs legal help. Thanks again for helping me through a difficult situation.


I used Lance for a divorce. I believe he was God’s instrument to free me and protect me from evil. He was a good, moral and supportive defender of me. I believe God put him in my life for a reason. I can’t imagine anyone could be a better or more responsive family law attorney in Jonesboro. You will be blessed if you use him. I highly recommend him and OMG for any family law matter.


I used Lance for a family law matter. He did a great job of helping me every step of the way. He did great legal work and gave great advice. Lance truly cares for his clients and anyone with a family law matter would be blessed to have him as his/her lawyer.


OMG Lawfirm has represented me for years now and done a great job. Clarke Mixon is an excellent lawyer.

Recently his partner, Lance Owens, had to handle an emergency matter for me due to a scheduling conflict. He had to learn the whole case in 3 days and went above and beyond the call of duty by meeting us on the weekends and after hours to make sure that the case was ready. He showed up in a foreign venue and did a superb job in getting the emergency order vacated and transferred to the proper venue. Lance also stayed around to make sure that the transfer was orderly after the legal work was done.

Owens Mixon and Gramling takes care of its clients. Anyone with a family law matter would be well advised to let Lance or Clarke handle their matter. I can’t imagine why anyone with a family law matter would hire anyone else. Thanks again for your excellent work!


Finding Attorney Owens was a blessing. He made my son and I a family ruled in the father(me) favor. Attorney Owens heart and soul was also involved in my case so it felt really good to know. Whenever someone is in need of family law I will certainly send to OMG.

Reginald Sr.

I used Mr. Owens to help me with a refund on a lease where the landlord had been dragging her feet. He met me on the weekend, provided excellent advice and sent a letter for me…and he did not even charge me! I appreciate very much his willingness to help me, fit me into his schedule and accommodate me on the weekend. He really cares for his clients. I would recommend him to anyone that needs legal help!!