Family and Business Attorneys in Jonesboro, AR

Helping families and businesses for decades!

Owens, Mixon & Gramling, P.A. is a Jonesboro, Arkansas firm with a focus on aggressive, affordable legal representation. Our attorneys have the experience and energy to quickly pursue any legal issues you may face. Whether you are dealing family issues, running a business, planning for your financial future, or believe you are owed money or property, we are here to help you find a solution.

Arkansas, Missouri, and Tennessee Attorneys

OMG Law Firm is dedicated to helping you with any legal issue. In addition to our general practice, we have been representing Arkansas, Missouri, and Tennessee creditors for decades.


We pride ourselves in taking legal action faster than our competition.


Owens, Mixon & Gramling, P.A. has four attorneys with decades of experience in most areas of the law. Every attorney at OMG Law is ready and able to help you, whatever your needs may be.


Our client service has allowed our small firm to represent many financial institutions and other creditors that often only utilize large law firms.