Helping Arkansas Spouses Get the Support They Deserve

Although alimony is awarded based on the need of one party and the ability of the other party to pay, alimony or spousal support cases often end up going to trial. Our attorneys will help you gather the documentation you need to prove your need for alimony or defend alimony if it is being sought against you.

The following factors will be considered by the judge to determine whether and how much alimony should be awarded:

  • Financial circumstances
  • Financial needs and obligations
  • Past standard of living
  • Value of jointly owned property
  • Current and nature of income (current and anticipated)
  • Resources and assets of each spouse
  • Amount of income that is “spendable”
  • The amounts after entry of the decree available for living expenses
  • Earning ability and capacity
  • Property awarded or given to one of the parties
  • Disposition made of the homestead or jointly owned property
  • Condition of health and medical needs
  • Duration of the marriage
  • Amount of child support

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