Sometimes life gets complicated, and you find yourself needing a family lawyer. If you are in the Jonesboro AK area, consider hiring OMG Law Firm as your attorney for all matters concerning family matters. We handle all manner of family law issues. In this week’s blog, we’ll review the family law services we provide.


  • When the topic of family law comes up, divorce is one of the first things come to mind. OMG Law Firm handles divorces and is your resource for knowing everything you need to know about how to protect your rights and the rights of your children during a divorce. We handle uncontested, cooperative divorces as well as acrimonious ones.

Child Custody

  • The well-being of children resulting from a marriage is a primary concern of most couples who divorce. We will make all attempts to make sure they are provided for and have the appropriate contact with parents. We know this can be the source of conflict in a divorce and we work hard for our clients and their children.


  • Many women are left at a financial disadvantage following a divorce, especially if they stayed home full time or part time to care for any children. Alimony is meant to give the women time to build a work history or career and not fall into poverty while she does so.

Child Support

  • When a divorce takes place, one parent often ends up taking the brunt of the child care duties and to help with the associated costs, child support is established by the court. This can often become the rubbing point in many settlements and conflicts can arise for years to come. Getting an attorney to work out a solid child support, in the beginning, can help smooth things over and give a solid basis for enforcement.


  • Paternity is an issue of the father of a child is not absolutely certain, or if the father wants to make sure that he is listed on the birth certificate and wants to be in the child’s life. If you need legal help establishing the paternity of a child, call OMG Law Firm for assistance.


  • OMG Law Firm also handles adoptions. If you are considering adoption or are pregnant and want to find a family who can give your child what you feel you can not at this time, call OMG Law Firm. From our own experiences, we know that adoption can be a wonderful, enriching experience and are proud to handle private adoptions. We also handle adoptions within families, such as grandparents adopting grandchildren. We welcome you to benefit from our knowledge and experience in this area.

If you find yourself in need of a family lawyer, call OMG Law Firm for assistance.