Previously on the blog, we talked a bit about how property owners can be liable for the safety of the tenants staying in an apartment or other type of rental property within a certain realm of expectation. The same can be said for businesses, restaurants, concert venues, and other facilities owned by individuals other than yourself. Owners and employees have a reasonable responsibility to make sure that guests are safe within their establishment. This can include situations that even reach as far as a bartender cutting off a client who is drunk prior to serious bodily harm. There are other situations where an establishment could allow harm to come to you that would call for you needing a personal injury lawyer in Jonesboro to make sure that any damages are compensated for.

Imagine It….

You chose to spend your Friday night at the local sports bar catching the latest St. Louis Cardinals game and enjoying a New Belgium beer. You’re sitting at the bar minding your own business when some yoo-hoo sitting next to you starts to get into a brawl with the guy sitting at the table behind you about the teams playing. Within just a few short minutes punches are flying and as hard as you try to avoid the brawl, you take a swing right in the eye.

Not only can a situation like this cause you extensive medical bills but it can also cause you pain and suffering. Not only may the individual who punched you have reparations to pay but also the business in which your were enjoying your beer. Contact the OMG Law Firm, the full-service law firm in Jonesboro, to schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer today.