When a member of your family dies, the job of cleaning up the pieces can be an overwhelming addition to grief. Even if you were not close to the deceased and you aren’t experiencing grief, the resolution of their property can be a big disruption to your life, especially if it gets unpleasant and drawn out. That is why you should get a probate lawyer.

A probate lawyer’s job is to elucidate and speed the process of getting all pieces of the deceased’s property where they need to be. This lawyer can also help write wills. In the next two blogs, we will share tips for finding the probate lawyer you need.

  • Understand any special needs

      1. Before you start looking for a lawyer, make sure you are aware of any special needs you may have. These can be things like needing a lawyer that speaks a language in addition to English or a lawyer who can practice in multiple states.
  • Basic info

      1. Gather basic biographical information on each of your options. Where did the lawyers do their undergrad and law school work? How long have they practiced? Do they even have expertise in probate?
  • Search the lawyers’ names

    1. Go on the internet and search the lawyer’s name and law firm. See if there is a website and what information has been made available.

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