For many, a big part of married life is caring for other people. Between your responsibilities to care for your spouse and responsibilities to care for your children, caring for yourself tends to get lost in the shuffle. When your divorce is happening and you’re transitioning into your newfound freedom, you likely still have responsibilities to care for others, such as your children, but some of your time is freed up and it’s the perfect time to relearn how to care for the person who gets you through every day: yourself.

At OMG, we believe in your value. We believe that you deserve to thrive during your divorce and beyond. We are committed to taking care of the legal side of things so that you can focus on taking care of yourself. That’s why we want to share these self-care tips to help you transition into your future and rediscover the joy of taking care of you!

1. Find what makes you happy and indulge.

Everyone has an activity that brings him or her joy and peace. Maybe yours is running a hot bath and reading a paperback in the bubbles. Maybe it’s taking a boat out to your favorite cove on the lake and spending an afternoon fishing. Maybe it’s hiking to your favorite peak in the mountains and eating a crisp apple while you look out at the view. Or maybe it’s putting on an outfit that makes you feel attractive and taking yourself out to a nice dinner. You deserve to spend some time and a little money doing what you enjoy for no reason other than that it makes you happy.

2. Good health is the ultimate self-care.

One of the surest ways to feel good is to treat your body well. This means eating healthily and getting some exercise. Busy lives can sometimes stand in our way because jogs and yoga classes take up valuable time and it is much quicker to pick up fast food than to cook a nutritious meal at home. However, nothing makes a bigger difference in how you feel every day than healthy habits!

3. Try something new.

Times of transition are ideal for picking up a new hobby. Is there something that you have always wanted to try that your spouse’s disinterest or a lack of free time kept you away from? Knitting, baking, dancing, traveling, swimming, pottery, painting, writing—the possibilities are truly endless. If you don’t end up loving it, there’s nothing to lose, but there is so much to gain in finding a hobby that makes you feel happy and fulfilled. When you are going through a divorce, you need an attorney who is not only skilled in advocating for you, but who also truly understands the emotional side of what you are going through. At OMG, we are dedicated to helping our clients navigate every aspect of divorce, both legal and emotional. If you need us, we are here for you. Contact OMG Law Firm today.