OMG Family Picnic

The staff at OMG Law Firm and their families gathered at Craighead Forest Park in Jonesboro, AR on Saturday, June 11th for a day of food, fun and recreation. Great barbeque from Que 49 Smokehouse, a local favorite, was enjoyed along with the all-time favorite summer picnic food, watermelon! The kiddos loved playing at the amazing Fort Rotary playground and feeding the ducks and geese. While the children enjoyed their activities, some of the adults cherished their time kayaking on the cool, tranquil peacefulness of the lake.

A fishing tournament was held for both kids and adults. There were two categories for each group:  Largest Fish and Most Fish Caught. Although no children caught fish, the nibbles they did get kept them entertained for a little while. One adult caught the largest fish and the most fish. The winner in the adult category was…Attorney Haley, aka “Baby Shark”, Smith!!!

Even the newest member of the OMG family, Lola, attended the festivities. From all of the staff at OMG  Law Firm, thank you to our amazing employer for the relaxing, fun-filled day!



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