It started with a simple idea in 1992 in Florida. The Share the Road movement simply wanted to create awareness through the use of license plates and bumper stickers reminding drivers to “share the road” with bicyclists and motorcyclists by making sure to check their blind spots. Accidents with bicyclists and motorcyclists are all too common, causing severe injury and even death.  

While the Share the Road campaign does help reduce accidents and injuries annually, if you’ve been in an accident where you have been hit by a car while on a bike or motorcycle, you need the experience of a local personal injury lawyer in the Jonesboro area to fight for you.

What specifically is “Share the Road”?

Share the Road has grown into more than an awareness movement revolving around licence plates and bumper stickers. In the early 2000s, state legislation started to cross the nation supporting Share the Road’s mission statement, “to improve the safety of drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists, runners, and pedestrians by promoting awareness, education, and understanding” leading to reduced injuries and deaths everywhere. The legislative funding allows for the movement to continue its mission to this day.

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