The OMG Law Firm is a full-service law firm serving the Jonesboro area. We offer a formidably diverse and vigorous law skill set, including creditor, family, probate, personal injury, and more. One area in which we are particularly successful is in creditor law. We are the premier creditor attorneys in Arkansas.

Creditor attorneys know how to navigate the area between debtors (those who owe money) and creditors (those who are owed money). We know all about debt settlement, bankruptcy, and garnishment. We also know the legal rights of both parties in any situation, and have the ability to locate and recover assets when a creditor has a judgment.

Many people do not bother to hire a creditor attorney when they are owed money. They think there is nothing an attorney can do for them. They are wrong. They may not know what their options are until they speak with a professional. Even if it turns out that they do not have a high likelihood of recovering a debt, an attorney can protect their legal rights while offering valuable insights as to options for obtaining and collecting judgments.

Every situation has two sides. If you are the creditor, we understand that customers who do not pay can have a devastating effect on your business. We also understand the protections afforded debtors under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and are prepared to act at all times in accordance with its requirements. We are here to represent you and your company, defending your right to be compensated for services performed.

Contact the OMG Law Firm today. We stand ready to defend and protect you and your rights.