If you loaned out money and have been unable to recover your losses from the debtor, a creditor’s rights attorney can help you. At the OMG Law Firm in Jonesboro, we have extensive experience in fighting for creditors and collecting judgements.

What do creditor attorneys do?

A creditor attorney collects debts from individuals and businesses while protecting the rights of creditors. This type of attorney can also settle conflicts between two or more creditors working to collect money from the same debtor. If you are having trouble collecting from a debtor, you need a creditor attorney to help you take the right course of action.

How do you know you need a creditor attorney?

  • You are having trouble getting a debtor to pay you back. Whether going to court or other strategy is best, the attorney will be able to help.
  • You are in conflict with another creditor who is trying to collect from the same debtor.

What should you expect when working with a creditor attorney?

You should either get all your money back or have something in place that will ensure the money will come to you. The case will be solved either in or out of court. The process takes longer when the courts are involved.

Having a creditor attorney on your side will ensure that you get as much of your money back as possible. Lance Owens of the OMG Law Firm serves Arkansas as a formidable creditor attorney. Contact us and learn how we can fight for you.