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Common Family Law Myths Part 1


The family lawyers at the OMG Law Firm in Arkansas are committed to protecting your rights and guiding you to a conclusion that will allow you to move on with your life. We understand that family law can be intimidating, especially because it differs from state to state. In this blog and the next, we will explore some myths about Arkansas family law.

MYTH: If my spouse or myself refuses to sign divorce papers, the divorce cannot be finalized.

  • False. From the day your spouse is served divorce papers, s/he has 30 days to respond. If s/he does not respond and you can prove that s/he was served, your divorce can be ordered by a judge without a signature.

MYTH: I can use irreconcilable differences to get a no fault divorce.

  • tFalse. Arkansas is not a no fault state, which means that you have to prove that one party in the marriage was a little more at fault than the other.
  • Our grounds for divorce include general indignities and separation for eighteen months. That means that you have to prove you experienced general indignities from your spouse or lived separately for at least 18 months to justify a divorce.

MYTH: The father of my child is on the birth certificate, so he is legally the father even though we were never married.

  • False. If a child is born out of wedlock, paternity is determined by DNA testing or an affidavit acknowledging paternity by the father. Just because a father is on the birth certificate does not mean he is required to give support or that he has legal rights to the child.

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