When you are going through a divorce, things can get heated, and emotions can run high. It’s a difficult time, and it can be hard to remain calm and do what’s best for yourself and your children.

Without even knowing they are doing so, many people do things that hurt their own case. We thought we’d cover a few of these things in this week’s blog, so you know things to watch out for in your own behavior so as not to sabotage your efforts for the best outcome in this difficult time. We are OMG Law Firm and are very experienced in dealing will all aspects of family law, including divorce and custody cases.


Practice Full Disclosure with Your Divorce Attorney

  • It is very important to tell your divorce or custody lawyer everything. Don’t keep secrets from them. Especially if you think you’ve done something that could jeopardize your case, you need to tell them so they can protect your interests and they can’t do that unless they know what they are dealing with. The last thing you want is for the opposing counsel to bring something up in court that your attorney doesn’t know about so they can’t counter.
  • Examples of things you need to tell your attorney about are large purchases or movements of finances, valuable possessions such as valuable jewelry or firearms that you have not disclosed to your attorney but your spouse knows about. Also, if you engaged in an extra-marital affair, it is essential that you tell your attorney.

Don’t Miss Court Appearances

  • When you have a court appearance, you must go. It’s really that simple. Judges look unfavorably on parties to a lawsuit who don’t appear, and you will likely forfeit your argument by not showing up. You can, however, be represented by your attorney, if you can not personally appear, but even then, you will need a good reason.

Follow the Court Order In Place

  • Even if you feel the court order is place is a gross miscarriage of justice, you must comply with it.
  • The attorneys at OMG Law Firm are highly experienced in family law matters and can try to get the court order changes so that you are comfortable with it.
  • While the process of getting a court order is underway, you must comply with the current order, failing to do so can damage your chances of getting it changed.
  • Be sure to follow the hours of visitation, custody, etc., to the letter and always make sure the children are well cared for when you have them.

Do Your Part

  • Your lawyer will need documentation to carry out his or her job. This includes your spouse’s social security number, bank records, titles, utility bills, and credit rating information.
  • When children are involved birth certificates, child care records and bills, and any correspondence between you and your spouse regarding the children.

Don’t Move Out of the House

  • Unless your safety is at stake, don’t move out of the house. If domestic abuse is a factor in the situation, make sure you and your children are safe.
  • If you are safe in your home, it will be easier to be awarded the home if you are still in it.
  • If you must move out, have your OMG Law Firm divorce attorney file for temporary or emergency custody, or you could face kidnapping charges.

Watch Your Behavior

  • Don’t do anything your soon-to-be-ex-spouse could use against you in a child custody case. This includes drinking, drugs, living with another person or committing any crime.
  • Don’t criticize the other parent or bad mouth them in any way within earshot of the children.
  • Don’t use your children as weapons against your spouse. This includes withholding visitation because of missed child support payments or withhold child support because of missed visits.
  • Make sure you are the best parent you can be, this includes watching what you say, being careful about what you watch on TV, making sure they have a good place to stay when they are with you, healthy food, bedtimes and that you keep them involved with all their activities so they can have the maximum stability in this unsure time.

When you know it’s time to take action with regards to a divorce or custody and child support, be sure to turn to OMG Law Firm. We serve all of Arkansas from our office in Jonesboro. Call us today and get started.