We are excited to introduce the newest member of our OMG family…LOLA! She was born on January 19, 2022 and became a part of our office family on March 6, 2022. She is a beautiful, white, fluffy Great Pyrenees. Our research into her breed revealed they are protective, nurturing, calm, sweet and stubborn and she is all of those things, especially stubborn. ????

They make great emotional support animals and service dogs.

Lola loves living at the home of one of our paralegals who has a 6-year-old son. She adores playing with children and running in the yard. Lola is completely unaware of her size or strength, which is humorous at times. She enjoys holding hands and giving the best pup kisses. She makes the funniest faces and does the best roly-poly.  

Lola loves to run, jump, nap and lick your hands. She is the most adorable and loving dog. She loves to use her big paws to get your attention and give hugs. One of her favorite things to do is to take long naps on the patio swing. She enjoys big bones, treats, her lizard stuffy, and anything else that she can chew. Lola is a gentle, giant puppy who is full of excitement and love.  

Our clients come to the office while facing tremendous challenges. We believe Lola will provide great emotional support to them. Initially, she will be trained as a “comfort” dog, but we plan to have her certified as a “service” dog. Once Lola is fully trained and can meet the challenges of her assignments,  you can expect to see her working at the office 40-hours a week instead of working remotely from home  like several of our attorneys. ????