If you need to serve a divorce to someone in another state, it can be daunting. Even worse, if you do not know where the person is, the process becomes even more difficult. At the OMG Law Firm, our family lawyers have had experience with all kinds of divorce situations, and we are ready to help you.

In our last three blogs, we explored methods for moving through this situation. We are finishing up with the last option that must be used if the other options have not worked.

Publication or Posting

  1. When all the previous methods have failed, it is time to apply for permission to serve by Publication or Posting from the Court.
  2. The Court will want to ensure that you have made a “good faith” attempt to find the respondent, including the following:
  3. Mailing a letter to his or her last known address
  4. Checking with relatives, old neighbors, family and friends
  5. Talking with his or her previous employer
  6. Checking the internet
  7. Going to the County Recorder’s office to see if he or she owns property in the area
  8. You will combine all your efforts into one document called a Declaration and go to the Court to see which method you should use.
  9. Posting and Mailing: you must be low income to qualify for this option.
  10. Publication: you will pay to have a legal advertisement put in a newspaper the respondent will likely notice for 4 consecutive weeks.

Serving a divorce does not have to be a drawn-out process. Get the professional help our experienced family lawyers. Call today.