While many people associate divorce with anger, sadness, and frustration, these negative emotions barely scratch the surface of the wide range of feelings that people encounter during the divorce process. You may be surprised to learn that you’re likely to encounter a variety of positive emotions in addition to the more negative ones. In today’s blog post, we’re discussing some of the unexpected positive feelings you may experience during your divorce process. 

1. You might feel proud.

Making the decision to say no to something that makes you unhappy or uncomfortable is a big accomplishment. It takes bravery and self-esteem. By moving forward with a divorce, you are prioritizing your own happiness and what’s right for your family over what any outside pressures might tell you is expected of you. 

2. You might feel excited about the future.

During a divorce, the future is typically characterized by some level of uncertainty. But uncertainty isn’t always such a bad thing! When you end a marriage, the future is suddenly full of so many more possibilities. You’re free to pursue your passions without worrying about a partner. You could devote yourself to creative endeavors. You could find a new romantic relationship that’s healthier and better suited for you than your last one. You could spend more time nurturing your relationships with family and friends. Those are all good possibilities to be excited about.

3. You might feel relieved.

An unhappy marriage is a huge emotional burden to carry. When you’re finally able to let go of it, it will likely feel like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders. You no longer have to worry about trying to “save” your marriage or argue with your former spouse. What a relief!

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