In our last blog, we talked about the things you should do when going through a custody dispute. We mentioned the importance of paying attention to matters both big and small— like getting an experienced family law attorney, arriving on time, and demonstrating proper courtroom etiquette, etc. In today’s blog, we are going to pick up where we left off and talk about the don’ts of custody disputes—the types of actions that can jeopardize your chance of gaining primary custody of your kids.

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Below are some tips to help increase the likelihood of you achieving a positive custody outcome.

Don’t speak of your ex negatively to your kids

Not only will this hurt you in the courtroom, but it is also deeply troubling to your kids and can unfairly place the burden of adult issues on their shoulders. Always avoid this. Keep your feelings about your ex to yourself or vent your anger to a friend or family member that you can trust.

Don’t miss visits or pickups

If you are expected to pick your child up at a certain time or you have a scheduled visitation, be certain to arrive on time. Though arriving late may seem like a minor thing, it can create a negative impression on you and become the thing around which your ex builds an argument about your lack of commitment.

Don’t refuse any court orders or suggestions

Remember, the court cannot tell what’s truly in your heart. Regardless of how you feel or what you deserve, they make their decision on the evidence they are given. Don’t give them any suggestions that you are stubborn, unwilling to listen, and immature. If the courts, for example, require you to seek counselling or take a parenting class, do so immediately. See it as your opportunity to prove your commitment to your kids.

Don’t damage your character or role as a parent

Avoid doing anything that could endanger yourself or your child. For example, abstain from using drugs and alcohol, especially when your kids are present. Even if you think it’s not dangerous, remember that the smallest incident could be exaggerated by your ex. You don’t want to give the other side a shred of evidence that indicates that you are an unfit parent.

Don’t involve your children in the dispute

Just as you should never speak negatively about your ex to your children, you also shouldn’t share details of the case with your child. The issues involved with custody disputes are far too complex and potentially damaging for your children.

Don’t invent stories to try and win

Chances are if you fabricate stories, make unfounded allegations, or overly exaggerate your ex’s shortcomings, the court will take notice of this. Although you might not be charged with perjury, lying can come back and haunt you, especially if your ex-spouse has an experienced family law attorney.

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