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Creditor FAQs Answered Part 2

Do you have delinquent clients? Is your business suffering from unpaid accounts? You are not on your own. The OMG Law Firm’s debt collection services are headed up by W. Lance Owens, a leader in the field who knows what it takes to get you a fair solution.

In our last blog, we answered two common questions about the debt collection process. In this blog, we are going to answer a few more.

  • Can I represent myself in a debt-collection lawsuit?
    1. Small Claims Court is structured to allow you to represent yourself. There is a $5,000.00 jurisdictional limit.
    2. Self-representation should be your last choice. If the debtor gets professional help, you may find yourself outgunned. Additionally, if your case goes to Superior Court, you are entering a complex procedural thicket that can swallow up a lot of your life. Let us help you!
  • What if the debtor files for protection under the bankruptcy code? What happens to my lawsuit?
    1. All action stops when bankruptcy is filed, including collection efforts.
    2. In some situations, you could file a motion in Bankruptcy Court to lift the “stay” of action just for you so that you can make a collection anyway.
    3. This situation is yet another reason to hire an expert from the OMG Law Firm and get our relentless style and extensive knowledge on your side.

We at the OMG Law Firm are here to make debt collection smooth and complete for you. Contact our premier creditor attorneys in Arkansas today.

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