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Serving a Divorce Part 1

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Do you need to serve a divorce to someone in another state? Do you not know the whereabouts of the person you want to divorce?

Fortunately, there are methods for serving divorce to these parties, or “respondents.” The family lawyers at the OMG Law Firm are experienced and can help you walk through the following processes.  

When you need to serve divorce papers to someone out of state, you have two main options:

  • Certified Mail
    1. Mail a copy of the Summons/Petition and all other filed documents by certified mail that requires a return receipt. The service is only valid when the receiving party signs for the documents.
    2. If the receiving party will not sign, it is time to move on to personal or substituted service.
  • Acknowledgment and Receipt
    1. This service can be used for an out of state or out of country respondent.
    2. You will mail a copy of all filed paperwork, including the Summons/Petition as well as two copies of a Notice and Acknowledgment of Receipt along with a stamped return envelope.
    3. As with certified mail, this format is not valid unless the respondent signs the Notice and Acknowledgement form. Once it is signed and returned, you can move forward.
    4. If the paperwork is not signed and returned within 20 days of its being mailed, the respondent will be responsible for all the costs of other serving methods. Keep in mind that you will have to file a motion for reimbursement.

Contact our Arkansas office for experienced, professional legal help today. We know that divorce is a difficult time, and we can walk you through it.

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