Do you need to serve a divorce to someone in another state? The best thing you can do is get the advice of an experienced family lawyer from the OMG Law Firm. Our compassionate, experienced lawyers can guide you through this and defend you and your family.

In our last blog, we explored two methods for serving divorce to someone who is either in another state or whose whereabouts are unknown. If the methods in the last blog do not work, you will move on to the following option:

Substituted Service

  1. If you have tried to serve three times and are still unsuccessful, your server can leave a copy of all filed documents and the Summon/Petition at the home or job of the respondent.
  2. This process has special requirements. If the server goes to the respondent’s place of business, the documents must be left with someone who is in charge. If the server goes to the respondent’s home, the documents must be left with an adult over 18 who lives there.
  3. After the documents have been physically delivered, a copy is mailed to the same address.
  4. The server will then fill out a “Declaration of Due Diligence,” which is descriptive proof of all the attempts that have been made to contact the respondent.

At the OMG Law Firm, our family lawyers know the processes for serving divorce inside and out. They will be able to guide you properly and obtain fair results. If you are headed for divorce, contact our Arkansas law firm today.

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