When it comes to debt collection, the OMG Law Firm is the best law firm in Arkansas. We are sharp, knowledgeable, and relentless. We understand how crucial debt collection can be to your business, and we are prepared to be your strongest allies.

Whether you have dealt with debt collection before or not, you need to be clear on your rights as a creditor. There is always more to learn about the debt collection process. In our next two blogs, we will discuss commonly-asked questions about debt collection and creditor’s rights.

When the court gives me a judgement against my debtor, will the debtor pay?

  1. Generally, the debtor will pay you once a judgement is reached.
  2. An order does not always guarantee payment. Oftentimes, your attorney will need to take steps to actually obtain the payment. That is why you need the OMG Law Firm.

Once I have a judgement from court against a debtor, how can I ensure I actually get the payment?

  1. We have a great number of tools at our disposal, and our law firm will not quit until you have securely received your payment.
  2. Liens, or a public record, can be placed on any of the debtor’s property.
  3. You can request the court to order the debtor to pay you in installments.
  4. If the debtor is not paying you correctly (or at all), an execution can be put on the debtor’s bank accounts or personal property. You will then obtain the debt from their bank accounts, wages, or non-exempt property.

At the OMG Law Firm, we know creditor’s rights in and out. Contact us today for unmatched law service in Arkansas.

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