The assets of a loved one do not have to add stress to your time of grief. When a loved one passes, the probate process is here to make the transferral of assets as smooth as possible, and with the help of the OMG Law Firm, you will have a clear, convenient experience.

In our last blog, we clarified a few main points about probate. In this blog, we will elucidate a few more questions.

How long does the probate process last?

  1. Generally, probate takes between a few months and a year. There is no fixed time limit.
  2. Factors that may stretch the process out include the estate’s size, how long it takes to locate a will, and how long it takes to get an executor and get a hold of all the estate’s beneficiaries.
  3. The process can take years if the will is contested. This is why it is very important to consult with the OMG Law Firm.

Can you avoid probate?

  1. The only way to avoid the probate process is to create a living trust.
  2. In a living trust, an appointed beneficiary receives your property when you pass away. The transferal process is quick and simple.
  3. A living trust shields your assets from creditors. It also reduces probate costs and taxes.

Keep in mind that if you own property with someone else, it automatically goes to him or her when you pass away without needing the probate process.

Our law firm is experienced with estate planning and elder law, including the probate process. Contact our probate lawyers in Jonesboro today!