A divorce is a life-altering event, and with it comes a respectable amount of stress. Some of it is derived from all the uncertainty you are facing. There were times during your marriage when you imagined your future. You likely had a five-year plan that you created with your spouse, and you probably owned a home and had children. 

Now that you are getting divorced, the portrait of your life and your impending future has been changed.

Both the legal process and the emotional healing portion of the divorce take time. From the moment you choose to separate physically to when you file a complaint asking the court for a divorce decree, you will have a lot of ups and downs. You will be angry, sad, and even overwhelmed. Here are some things to help you manage your stress levels during the divorce process.


This part starts with sleep. You will be fatigued not only because of how emotionally trying the process is but also because of how many decisions you will have to make. Where to live? Which attorney to choose? And the idea of having to fight for custody of your own children is an emotional wrench. 

So take the time to recover. The next day will likely present more challenges and decisions to make. Simply try going to bed at the same time every night and getting up at the same time each morning. Give yourself a nighttime routine where you wind down away from screens and blue lights. Each night, you can even read a few pages of a book that guides you through the divorce process.

Fight Temptation

Not only will you want to give in to bad food choices, you might turn to alcohol. The hardest part about these temptations is how easy they are to justify—that still doesn’t mean they are good choices. 

During this difficult process, it is important to eat well. For as much as you are struggling, don’t put the extra stress on yourself and your body. Rather than alcohol, think about a healthy way to process your emotions.

Find An Outlet

This can come in many forms, and not the least of which is a mental health professional. You are not alone in this process—even though it may feel that way. A therapist has extensive knowledge of your psychological state, and in addition, they know how to help you process the stress you are under. 

If that is not something you are willing to consider or is not an option due to financial reasons, reach out to a friend or family member. Not only will you be able to logically put your stress into words, but it will serve as a reminder that people do want to help. 

OMG Law Firm

We are also dedicated professionals who are in a unique position to help you. Although most Arkansas divorces are filed under the grounds of general indignities, OMG Law Firm can advise you how to proceed based on your specific circumstances. If you are seeking a divorce in Arkansas, contact the OMG Law Firm today. We don’t want you to do this alone either.