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Alimony 101: Four Situations That Warrant Spousal Support Modifications

At the time of your divorce, you and your spouse came to an agreement about alimony payments or the court made that decision for you. Support amounts and duration were determined based on what you knew at the time, but circumstances often change post-divorce. In today’s blog post we’re looking at four situations that may require a modification of your spousal support agreement. Alimony may only be modified if it was Read More

The Top Three Reasons Unwed Fathers in Arkansas Should Establish Legal Paternity

When a married woman gives birth to a child, the state of Arkansas assumes that her husband is the child’s legal and biological father. He does not need to take any action in order for his parental rights to be recognized and his name to appear on the child’s birth certificate. However, for unwed fathers, things are a little different. To be recognized as your child’s legal father, you and the mother must sign an Read More

Breaking the News: Tips for Talking to Your Children About Divorce

If you know that divorce is the right choice for you and your entire family, but you are worried that your children will be heartbroken, confused, and suffer psychological damage caused by the situation, this blog post is for you.  At OMG Law Firm, we have seen countless concerned parents facing this exact predicament. Read on to discover our tips for breaking the news about your divorce to your children. 1. Read More

Life During the Divorce Process: Three Self-Care Tips

For many, a big part of married life is caring for other people. Between your responsibilities to care for your spouse and responsibilities to care for your children, caring for yourself tends to get lost in the shuffle. When your divorce is happening and you’re transitioning into your newfound freedom, you likely still have responsibilities to care for others, such as your children, but some of your time is freed up Read More

Your Next Chapter: Four Tips for Thriving Post-Divorce

The end of your divorce signals the beginning of a brand new chapter in your life. It is the time when you can finally put the pain caused by the dissolution of your marriage behind you and focus on crafting new routines that are perfect for you and you alone. At OMG Law Firm, we understand the great sense of relief that divorce brings and the exciting challenges of beginning your next chapter. Read on to discover Read More

What to Expect From Your Final Divorce Hearing

When your final hearing is scheduled, the end of your divorce is finally in sight. Whether your divorce has been a complicated one or a straightforward one, you will likely find that this hearing, which concludes the divorce proceedings, takes a huge weight off of your shoulders. After the final hearing, you can finally put the past behind you and open the door to your future. Read on to find out what you can expect Read More

Five Post-Divorce Co-Parenting Tips

Getting a divorce is an emotionally challenging process, but when it’s the right decision for you and your children, you can easily overcome all of the challenges and obstacles that you will face throughout this grueling process. The challenges don’t end when the divorce is finalized. If you and your former spouse have children together, you will likely be co-parenting in some capacity for years to come. This can be Read More

Do You Need a Reason to Divorce in Arkansas?

Arkansas is known as a “fault state.” This means,, like most other states, you need to have grounds for divorce. This means that in order to get a divorce, you need to be doing so for a  reason, and that explanation must fall under a list that the State of Arkansas deems acceptable “grounds” (meaning cause, basis, foundation, or justification) for divorce. In many states, “irreconcilable differences” is a ground for Read More

Understanding Your Custody Options in Arkansas

Often when parents get divorced, one of their biggest concerns is what will happen to their child or children. Their specific concerns can vary greatly depending on their situation. “Will my ex try to prevent me from seeing my children?” “How will we make sure our children continue to have strong relationships with both of us?” “Will I still get to spend as much time with my child?” It can be especially concerning Read More

Blending the Family: 5 Things You Can Do to Ensure a Smooth Transition

Do you and your new partner have children from prior relationships and are now considering blending your families? Watching your loved ones come together as a family is truly beautiful, but you may encounter some stresses and frustrations along the road as you try to make it happen. You may feel concerned about whether everyone will get along or if your children will feel unsettled by the idea. Read on to discover Read More